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When your ready for a true Colorado Hunting Adventure.... Your ready for Geneva Park Outfitters!

Since 1986 Geneva Park Outfitters has been committed to providing our clients with the finest hunting trips in Colorado and continues to do so today. We are dedicated to providing the best opportunity for our client's to obtain that trophy of a lifetime! 

Located in the heart of the Rockies along the Continental Divide, Geneva Park Outfitters offers wilderness hunts in three different wilderness areas. We hunt the prime locations for fair chase Elk, Mule Deer, Bighorn Sheep, Shiras Moose, and Mountain Goat. We also offer limited whitetail, black bear and antelope hunts.

We can take you to where the hunting pressure is low and the action is high. 


We are licensed bonded, insured, and permitted on USFS lands.

Our GUIDES & staff


All of our guides and staff are trained how to handle horses, equipment, backcountry travel, and the game we are after. All guides are first aid and CPR certified and have risen up from the ranks of the outfit to hold a guide position. These processes and qualifications are to assure you the highest quality guide service. We will care for your needs and provide you the best opportunity to obtain your goals on the hunt. All of our horses used on the hunt are trained for back country travel. Before we put anyone on a horse, the horse spends at least one season as pack animals to become familiar to the demands and surroundings of the back country. All of this effort is to provide you with the safest and most comfortable travel as possible. 


Colt Smith

Hunt Specialist, Guide

Being able to witness wildlife firsthand while growing up in the Colorado Rocky Mountains gave Colt a great love and respect for animals. 

Read Colt's Bio here


John LoFaro


A  true Colorado native and dedicated firefighter with a passion for hunting that runs deep. Growing up in the rugged terrains of Colorado, John developed a love for hunting at an early age, honing his skills with a recurve bow. For John, the thrill of the hunt lies in its challenge; he lives by the mantra that the harder the hunt and the heavier the pack, the better. With his extensive knowledge of the local landscape and a preference for pushing the limits, John is not just a guide but an embodiment of the adventurous spirit that defines the heart of hunting.


Lloyd Tucker

Guide, Alpine Expert

Born and raised on the Western Slope of CO, Lloyd has a lifelong background hunting in the mountains.


Dusty Weller


Colorado native with a love for adrenaline and the pursuit of wild game. Will always find me in the woods whether it’s snowboarding, dirt bikes, or hunting. Grew up hunting anything and everything I had a chance to. Found a passion for helping clients find success in the woods especially when it comes to chasing bugling elk but will help you find success with any species. 


Todd Clark

Master Guide

A CO native with homesteader roots in central CO. Todd is a master guide with experience in guiding all species in CO.

Read Todd's Bio here

TODD CLARK (4).jpeg

Terry Sandmeier Jr

Master Guide

Born and raised in CO-Terry Jr. grew up guiding big game hunts for Geneva Park Outfitters. He is one of the states most recognized Bighorn Sheep and Mountain Goat hunting experts. With experience second to few, he is also a world class Elk, Deer, and Moose guide/horseman.

Terry Sandmeier JR.jpeg

Cole Beckius


Cole Beckius has been hunting his whole life. Starting out in Nebraska with ducks, pheasant, and white tail deer he came to Colorado for the first time in high school.

Read Cole's Bio here

COLE BECKIUS_edited.jpg

Rick Smith

Director of Operations

Rick works full-time with GPO directing all aspects of day-to-day operations and coordinating all hunts with our guides. 

Charles Maze


I have spent most of my life in Colorado, I enjoy every aspect of the outdoors, from hiking, fishing, hunting and flat out exploring. Hunting has always been a passion of mine and I love nothing more than sharing a successful hunting experience with others. 

Read Charles' Bio here


Ryan Shoemaker


A fourth generation Colorado native that has been hunting in the heart of the Colorado mountains for the past 25 years. Ryan specializes in alpine and backcountry hunting. His excitement for sharing his knowledge and respect for the wildlife and wild places they live has only grown stronger throughout the years. He believes it is a true honor and privilege to share quality time and unforgettable experiences with his clients. 

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