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Elk hunting limited draw areas, break the mold of over the counter areas. Our elk hunts are based out of the Mt. Evans Wilderness area and South Park. These areas are a quality controlled area with limited tags to maintain a healthy heard population and quality mature animals. We hunt a large area that provides an excellent chance of harvesting a 5x5 or 6x6 bull, these bulls range from 250” to 340” with most bulls averaging 280”sci. Our hunters have a 90% opportunity on good bulls and we see many elk on all of our hunts. Our limited draw area only requires 0 -3 preference points depending on the season and method of take. Some of our trophy units can take as many as 15 preference points. Our areas offer a tag for all levels of point holders. The limited draw limits the number of tags in the area, creating a qualify controlled area with limited pressure and healthy herd population with mature animals. The limited draw in a wilderness area provides a quality wilderness experience with limited pressure from other hunters. With low number of preference points required, a hunter can experience this quality hunt year after year. If you are looking for some adventure and wilderness style hunting this may be your ticket.

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