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Our Mule Deer hunts are conducted in the same wilderness, national forest, and private land area as our elk hunts. Depending on the season and where the deer are found, we can hunt above timberline down to the river valley below. We have many great opportunities for great early season alpine bucks and late season low country buck hunting in the 4th season. We see many mature bucks with great opportunity for a 150” buck, with the occasional potential of a 180/190”+ buck during our hunts. The deer is on a statewide limited draw and our unit deer tags can be obtained with 0-3 preference points providing an easily obtainable deer tag.


Landowner tags may be available. Inquire with us as to the availability of the tags.

*We offer a 4th Rifle Season Private Land Mule Deer Hunt that has offered our clients high success rates over the years.

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