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These limited opportunity hunts are for some of North America's finest animals. Our success is a direct result of 25 years experience and a passion for sheep and goats. We would like nothing more than to spend every moment in the woods looking for, finding, and pursuing these magnificent animals. We currently guide in 12 of Colorado’s premier sheep units. We continuously take some of the states best animals for sheep and goat each year. We have high success rate on Rams 3/4 or better with the average ram scoring 170 B/C points. These tags and hunts are rare and special. Some consider these opportunities once in a lifetime. Our guides hunt these animals every year, our guides will give you the best opportunity to harvest, and to obtain one of the top animals available in your unit.  Our bighorn hunts start early August and go till early October. These are 1 hunter to 1 guide hunts. We have both archery only and rifle areas to hunt.  We have had traditional USFS use to hunt the following areas: S3, S4, S6, S12, S23, S27, S32, S34, S39, S41, S46, S66.

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