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gpo Testimonials

Marc Malone

"In one word, Outstanding.  

Colt Smith and his family provided me an adventure that goes beyond business, and simply put, they are hunters enjoying other hunters having success. Colt and I had 7 wonderful hunting days together, with many shooting opportunities, and ended with a beautiful trophy animal taken.  Every aspect of the hunt was taken care of by Colt, and he focused on my comfort and a successful hunting outcome.  During the 7 days we became really good friends and hunting partners, could not have asked for more.  By the way he is a super breakfast chef, which he learned from cooking for his 3 children and wife!  I have hunted with other outfitters many times in the past, but none of them compare with Geneva Park/Colt. As Rick (Colt’s dad) told me one night, “We are hunters that just love to see other hunters be successful, its more than a business to us.”  If you are a hunter then you are family to them.  I’m honored to highly recommend Geneva Park Outfitters."

Dale G. 

"I used Geneva Park Outfitters for two lifetime hunts. After 19 years of applying I drew my once in a lifetime Bull Moose license. Since getting older and physically not like I was in my younger days and with limited availability from friends/family for scouting and hunting, I felt I should get a guide for the commitment and help to assure the best opportunity to harvest and pack out. I am glad I chose Geneva Park Outfitters, this group of guides are local residents that know these mountains intimately. Colt Smith was nothing less than outstanding in his efforts to make this a successful hunt for me. 3 years (22 years of applying) later I was blessed enough to draw my Mountain Goat license and did not think twice about using Geneva Park again. Tom Crook did a great job and showed tireless passion as we scouted many areas and hiked the steep and high elevations to ultimately find my Billie. These public and wilderness lands are not easy to hunt and it is good knowing Geneva Park has the experience needed for success, I highly recommend them!"

Robert Burgett - Click HERE to read testimonial

Paul Kakac


"My coveted Bighorn Sheep hunt: It took me 18 yrs to draw this tag, and I knew this was going to be a very special hunt with my Dad just passing in Feb and I just know he helped me draw this tag this year for some reason. Once I drew it I knew immediately I had to find and outfitter. After talking with a few outfitters that guided in my unit (S4) I drew, I just seemed to have a good connection with Geneva Park Outfitters and always following my gut I just knew they were the ones to have a chance to be the most successful. They took their time in picking my guide from their staff, (they have amazing guides with great success rates) but my guide in particular Jeff Bodie was flat amazing throughout this hunt which ended up being way too short! They set up a remote base camp for us & on my first day I harvested the most beautiful Bighorn Sheep I could have ever imagined. They made my experience one in a lifetime and made me feel super spoiled during the hunt. With the additional help of Colt Smith & Thomas Crook, I honesty couldn’t have imagined a better group of guys to get to hang out with let alone get to hunt with. The preseason scouting work they did to make the hunt a success was the main reason I was successful. I would absolutely use them again and highly, highly recommend them. Hunting isn’t about just killing an animal, its about enjoying God’s country with with great friends & people and getting to experience an adventure. My only regret with these guys is I harvested too soon & didn’t get to hang out with them longer."

Ryan Blair

“Terry is a stud and I’d recommend him to anyone. There was never a lack of effort. He was always positive. He was always behind the glass. He knew sheep behavior and habits and was just an all around good person. He also knew the area like back of his hand. Not sure what else you’d want out of a guide. The food and accommodations were good as well - just not something that’s important to me. Thanks Geneva Park and Terry for probably one of the greatest weeks of my life!”

Jim Hett


"It was my first hunt with an outfitter, so I was unsure what to expect. Colt and his crew definitely go above and beyond. At the time, I was 60 years old, and Colt and his crew were sure to make my time with them enjoyable. I had an absolutely outstanding hunt! We tagged a beautiful trophy Ram on the last day. I was so happy with Geneva Park Outfitters that I will definitely set up any future hunts with them, as well as recommend to any family and friends."



Dave Scianimanico

"Matt and the GPO crew are top notch. I’ve been on my share of guided hunts and Matt didn’t miss a beat helping me get my Mt Goat. He had done his homework and knew where the goats were. He did an awesome job at understanding his client’s capabilities and knew when to push and when to ease up. He didn’t let me shoot the first Goat we saw and we ended up getting a book animal. His camp accommodations were excellent and I didn’t want for anything. He even let me have one of his coolers to fly my meat home. I only wish I could have spent more time with this guy and can’t wait to hunt with GPO again!"


Barry and Spencer Evan’s

Geneva Park Outfitters are a first class guide service. They make me feel as if I’m their only client, and go above and beyond to fill my tag. They are the only ones I trust with all of my Colorado big game tags!



Jim Birdwell


"I had a wonderful experience with Matt and the guides he employed.  Everyone was very helpful, friendly and diligently worked to find a suitable Moose for me. I was limping badly during the trip due to a bad hip and discs in my back.  I had applied for 13 or 14 years for my Moose tag, so even though it was bad timing I wasn't going to miss my only chance for a Moose.  Matt and company really made things easy for me.  With multiple scouts in different areas they narrowed down the most likely places to hunt and on day 4 we were successful bagging a Moose worthy of hanging on my wall.  I can't thank them enough for making it a great experience. Thanks to Matt for putting such a good organization together."



Jason Goodman

"Matthew and his crew are truly a top notch outfitter.  They knew the unit and where to find the mountain goats, and truly catered to the style of hunt I wanted.  Geneva Park Outfitters made my once in a lifetime mountain goat hunt all I hoped it would be. "

Randy Brown

"There are 4 critical components to Bighorn Sheep hunting: 1) locate mature rams in your unit, 2) be physically fit enough to reach said rams, 3) make a clean ethical kill and 4) pack your ram out.  The second and third are the responsibility of the hunter but the first and forth are why you hire an outfitter.  The GPO crew will absolutely fulfill their part and bless you with a hunt of a lifetime.  Some say that a picture speaks a thousand words, I say, don't delay, book today! "

Joe Cugliat

"I hunted with my dad when he drew his S12 bighorn ram, and my dad found Geneva Park Outfitters.  It was a great hunt so the following year when I was fortunate enough to dar my Mountain Goat billy tag in G10 I decided to Call up Matt and let him know of the successful draw and that I wanted to hunt with him and his guide Todd!  Both me and my dad were successful!  Matt and his guides are very knowledgeable in the units they hunt and about the different species activity.  They do their best to hunt smart and save the energy for when you need it going after that trophy animal!  They make you feel at home and work with you to make you successful and happy

with the experience!"

Al Schafer

"I hunted Rocky Mountain goats with Geneva Park outfitters.  Colt met me a day early and we did a pre-scout the day before the opener. For my hunt we had a fully stocked camper trailer for our base camp. We reviewed my hunting options and Colt gave me numerous options that met all my needs and wishes.  I felt like I was part of the Geneva Park family.  His pre-scouting, patience and years of experience paid off.  I would, and with the luck of the draw hunt with Geneva Park  outfitters again."  


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